atomic_fetus (atomic_fetus) wrote,

from korea...with love

i arrived from korea on saturday morning and she didn't even have the decency to be i spent yet another weekend inside my cardboard and bubblewrap prison down at the local post office. i suppose it was wednesday, assume because notdoll so kindly forgot to equip me with a calendar, when she finally came to pick me up.

however, she left me in the box for another hour! i could hear her and another human talking about me as if i weren't even there. the pure rudeness of her cut through me....what a bitch!

finally, i heard her tearing at the tape and cardboard. i thought,"this is it! my new had better be nice, damnit." she threw aside all the wigs and clothing and pulled me out, examining me. i guess she decided i was a keeper because she didn't throw me back in the box.

although, she DID force me into this atrocious lady bug number. on a high note, she did put underwear on me even though i UNintentionally kicked her within minutes of my escape. (i swear, it was totally unintentional...i just like doing the running man.)

she lovingly put my pink wig on my bald little head though and i decided that she wasn't half bad.

i went to work with her that day where she showed me off to all her coworkers and the kids. luckily for me, this human has enough sense to tell the kids HANDS OFF!

at least she listens to me, when we got home i told her that i loathed the lady bug getup and she and i went through all the clothes she bought for me...JUST FOR ME! and i picked out a pink dress that wasn't half bad.

i must admit though...she did put alot of thought into having me. she even made me a little make shift bed for now. i'll admit's comfy and she was thoughtful enough to make me a blanket and matching pillows.

she also promised to make me a beanbag chair. i'm getting really tired of not having a place of my own to sit.

AND!! she's letting me buy a car even though i'm too young to drive! after she gets paid again we'll get it which will all be part of a little shopping spree she's promised me.

(honestly, i really want a house and some beer in my fridge...that's all i ask)

anyway, since she's so nice to me i decided to be nice to her and let her take some pictures.

here's my favorites:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

i think life here will be pretty good after all.
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